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Emma DeLauro

Time Marches On..

Things were scattered, and cohesive at the same time. Nikki had gone, and I wasn't quite sure why. Shalimar had told me that she wasn't sure she fit with us, and that she needed time to sort of her priorities.

Remy had taken me to be her confidant, which I cherished. She leaned on me when she didn't want to be alone. I comforted her as much as I could, trying to help heal her scars. In the two weeks we'd been together, I found her to be quite the puzzle, so many pieces still missing. I'd help her find all I could.

Brennan and I had ended up wandering around Sanctuary for about an hour before Adam tracked us down to tell us he'd 'finished' with Lexa and that she was gone. I knew she had to be plotting something, but I had no idea as to what. But it was nice to just wander with Brennan, him as much a stranger here as I was. We'd formed our own special little bond, and flirted playfully a lot. He was pretty taken with Shalimar, but he was so fun to tease.

Jesse.. Jesse hadn't been the same since he'd brought Lexa back to Sanctuary. Guarded, shaken, worried.. I tried to break into him a little bit, but no go.

Shalimar and I were fast becoming close friends. We'd had a girls night a few days ago, just her and I since Remy hadn't been in the mood. We talked for hours, and she told me great stories about how she came to be in Mutant X, about her past, and I shared with her too. We had come to be able to speak almost without words. Laughter. That was the major thing we really shared.

Adam was starting to become like a father figure. A leader, always seeming to know the way. I knew now why Shalimar had been so protective. They were a family, and they'd let us in.

All in two weeks. I was amazed at how Adam helped me control my powers. He figured out that I had the ability to control peoples emotions, sometimes forcing them to see things that weren't there. I'd developed a 'blast', and could use it actively, instead of just passively. Things were growing, moving, changing.

The comm ring was amazing. Keyed into my DNA. I could always reach Adam, Shalimar, Brennan, Jesse.. I was never alone.

It took awhile for the dreams to start again. I'd learned more about Ashlocke, as I'd asked Adam about him when I had another dream. Dreams.. That was what I didn't believe. Adam told me that that was what they had to be, since Ashlocke was in statis, but things were just too real. He knew my name, he knew things about my past.. I had no idea how he was contacting me, but he was. And something was coming. I just didn't know what.

Shalimar and I were in the gym, up on the sparring platform doing Tai Chi. She'd been working with me on it for the past week, and I was slowly learning. Still fumbled, still fell over during some of the more balance oriented movements. Seeing Shalimar in motion had to be one of the most amazing things one can ever see. Grace, strength, poise, power.. All in her tiny, little, muscular body. It would make anyone feel inadequate.

As we worked, I could hear his voice in my skull, pulsating louder and louder until I had to sit down and put my hands over my ears. I groaned, and put my forehead to my knees. Shalimar placed her hand on my shoulder and kneeled next to me. I smiled at her, and said I was okay, just a little tired.

I grabbed my towel and walked down the steps, the cool cement of the stairs sucking the heat from my skin. I went back to my room and disrobed, then turned the shower on, scorchingly hot. I stepped in, gasping at the heat, then letting it run over my face. I put my hands against the wall and closed my eyes and lowered my head into the water.

I felt hands glide over my hips, and then felt him pressing against my back. I screamed, and whipped around to face him. There he was, the light gleaming off his black eyes. I pressed my eyelids closed, and then snapped them open again. He was gone, just as quickly as he'd appeared.

This time I was awake. Not a dream anymore. I grabbed the towel off the rack, wrapped it around myself, and ran off to find Adam.

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